Rapid, Precise CNC and Turn Bench Production

The company was founded in 1994 by private entrepreneur Zoltán Bencsik.

The company started through common turning and milling works which were the norm. Soon the company's profile expanded to the production of generals gears and gears for classic car. The gears are manufactured using a grid-proof design according to the customer's needs.

Our company is continiously seeing specialised innovation, allowing an increase in scope of activity in the area of CNC machining.

We undertake CNC machining and CNC milling of small and larger series parts. We also provide production of various engine parts for food, pharmaceutical, paper and other industrial enterprises.

Fast and accurate work according to the customer's requirements.

 CNC esztergálás és hagyományos esztergályos munkák    Fogaskerekek gyártása


We utalise an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Quality as quality is an important aspect both for our company and our customers.

ISO 9001-es minőségirányítási rendszerrel is rendelkezünk   ISO 9001-es minőségirányítási rendszerrel is rendelkezünk